Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Birthday Card from Bobbi

This card was made by my daughter, Bobbi. It measures about 2 1/2 in x 3 1/4 in. Front, inside and back are all shown. All original art work on the back. Thank you Bobbi. Love ya


Deb said...

Great job Bobbi, this is soooooo cute, love the lil bunny with the cake!! Love your art work! You're so sweet!! Happy B-Day Deb, I didn't forget have your and Bobbi's cards was going to give them to Mom, but that I did forget!!Post more, post more!!

Au Pudgent said...

Great job Bobbi,you do alot better than I do !! Bet your Mom loved this & was surprised too !!!! I really liked the bird !! I thought it was a butt (:>)))))

Max said...

Awwww that card is so sweet and will be treasured I'm sure.