Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New additions to my store

These are some of the Changito the Monkey stamps that I have recently listed Changito Golfer, Changito Play Ball, Changito Grad, Changito Tire Swing, Changito Chef, Changito Fireworks, and Changito Pool Guy. I will also be listing Changito Banana, Changito Safari, Changito Swing, Changito Guitar, Changito Solo, and Changito The Monkey clear set. I will be listing Grasshopper Fluffles, Bea Fluffles, Snail Fluffles and Ladbug Fluffles on 05/30/2008. You can see all the new Changito stamps here. You can purchase them at lildebsstampnscrapstation.

1 comment:

Nice said...

Uhi! You have very nice stamps in your shop!
It was not easy to find you in the german ebay for a blond hair women *smile*. And my english is so very bad.
And at the day i try to by in the USA (i`m to afraid because i dont understand enough) i will come to you.